House Bill 91

Last Updated: 2/24/2021 3:25 PM

Guidelines and Petition Form for House Bill 91

The following guidelines will be instituted as we begin the implementation of HB 91:


1. Individuals applying for a diploma should submit a petition to Jones County High School.

2. Petitions will be available in the school's guidance office and online on the school's website.

3. All petitions will be processed in the school's guidance office.

4. Counselors will verify that applicants have met all other state and local graduation requirements in effect when the applicant first entered ninth grade.

5. Once verification is complete, the petition will be presented to the school principal for final confirmation that the applicant is eligible to receive a high school diploma.

6. Petitions will be kept on file at Jones County High School for reporting purposes.

7. Jones County High School will put an advertisement in the Jones County newspaper according to the required specifications as outlined in HB 91.

Petition Form