Greyhound Battalion Army JROTC

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Leading the Greyhound Battalion this year is 

  • Captain (Ret) Michael, McMillan (SAI)

  • Sergeant First Class (Ret) Michael Kingston (AI) 

The top 3 positions consist of:  

  • Battalion Commander: Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Mullis

  • Battalion Executive Officer: Cadet Major Meeks  

  • Command Sergeant Major: Cadet Command Sergeant Major Thomas 

 As they were put in these top 3 positions, they have a great amount of responsibility. They must make sure the battalion always looks perfect and that no one is left behind.   

JROTC motivates young people to become better citizens 

The enrollment of students in the JROTC program will earn a PE and a Heath credit which are 2 mandatory credits in order to graduate. Students that join the JROTC program have the potential to gain: 

  • Leadership Skills 

  • Complex Thinking skills 

  • Participation in an endless number of fun activities 

  • Basic knowledge required in the real world 

The JROTC program has also done a lot of service-learning activities such as: 

  • Food Bank 

  • Teacher of the Year 

  • Veterans Day 

  • Bagging Groceries 

  • Nursing Home Visits 





If you are ready for the challenge, see your guidance consular and join us! We would love to have you in the Greyhound Battalion!