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  • Important Notice Regarding Mandated Volunteer Training During the past General Assembly, the population of those considered mandated reporters of child abuse expanded to include volunteers of services such as Care Treatment, Education, Training, Supervision, Coaching, Counseling, Recreational programs, and Shelters (OCGA 19-7-5).


    School volunteers fall into this expanded population and now are mandated reporters of child abuse in Georgia.  All school volunteers must complete a Child Abuse Mandated Reporting Protocol training prior to beginning any volunteer work.   School volunteers are considered to be individuals that work in any way with students or come in contact with students other than their own.  Examples of volunteering include, but are not limited to, room mom/parent, volunteering with PTO, tutors, all chaperones (school field trips/overnight trips), assisting in classrooms, club sponsors, or help with extra-curricular activities.

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    Thank you for your interest as a volunteer in the Jones County School System.  Please click the link below to view the training file:
    JCSS Volunteer Child Abuse and Neglect Training



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The Jones County School System is proud of the professional credentials of its teaching staff and will furnish to you, upon request, the professional qualifications of any of your child's classroom teachers. This includes information concerning the grade levels and subject areas in which the teacher is certified, the major fields and degrees held by the teacher, and the qualifications of any paraprofessional who provides services to your child.