School Safety

Raymond Braziel
Executive Director of Support Services

478-986-3032 Ext. 1234

Message from School Safety Administrator,

As a crucial component of our District’s Strategic Goals, Specifically - Increasing Organizational Effectiveness. It is with great pride that we introduce the Jones County School Safety Website.  More so now than ever before, schools are faced with ever-growing challenges. Our goal is to centralize safety protocols in a coordinated, concise manner that can be easily accessible for school personnel and stakeholders thru school, home computers and mobile devices. The links included on this website are designed as a resource to assist parents, in addition to providing assistance during a school or community emergency. 
Schools are under extreme pressure to produce and sustain academic growth and it is the belief of the Jones County School System that this can best be accomplished in a safe and nurturing school environment.  This environment should encourage and promote caring relationships between students, staff and stakeholders. It is only through these strong healthy relationships that a safe environment can truly exist within our schools.

Stay Safe, 
Raymond Braziel