School Improvement

Clint Burston
Clinton Burston
Executive Director of Accountability and School Improvement

478-986-3032 Ext 1232

Successful Schools are dynamic places with high expectations for everyone. Effective improvements happen planfully and are built around goals that educators, parents and other community members know and support. School Improvement provides a data-driven, research-based framework for defining goals and objectives for improving student learning and for selecting and implementing strategies to improve the instructional and organizational effectiveness of every school.

Each school in Jones County is required to develop a comprehensive School Improvement Plan (SIP) annually. School improvement planning addresses Jones County's student performance targets as established by the Board of Education. SIP steering committees in each school are charged with developing these plans. They use a standardized School Improvement Plan Model which follows the Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) improvement cycle. The process requires each school to collect and analyze specific data to determine improvement priorities, make decisions about what goals they want to achieve, and continuously measure progress toward achievement of those goals.


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