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Jeff Tharpe
Principal - TWES

A Message from Mr. T

January 2020

As with any New Year transition, the New Year 2020 brings excitement and anticipation of what opportunities and adventures may lie ahead for us in this new decade. Kids and adults alike might say they would love to see into the future to be more prepared and ready for any changes or obstacles that might be awaiting them. There are lots of movies (and books too) where those who can SEE into the future hold all the answers, power and fame.

As cool as that sounds, I think that I’d rather stay in the present, handling and living through things as they come. I’d rather SEE things, life, people while living my life…SEE what I learned from living my life. Don’t we usually learn the most from what we experience, good or bad, after we experience it ?

I want to strive to be better, NOT at worrying about what my future holds, but instead, learning from my experiences and remembering more about Who holds my future!

Here’s to “SEEING” better in 2020!


mr t



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