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What is the Georgia Milestones?? Parent Information Video




Georgia Milestones Testing Dates for Jones County Grades 3-8

  • GMAS Testing Dates

    April 10 – 19 GA Milestones Assessments (GMAS) EOG Administration (Grades 3-5) 

    April 10th English Language Arts (ELA ) Part 1 (Essay)(Elementary 5th

    * April 11th English Language Arts (ELA ) 2 & 3 (Elementary 5th

    *April 12th English Language Arts (ELA ) Part 1 (Essay) (Elementary 3rd/4th

    * April 13th English Language Arts (ELA ) 2 & 3 (Elementary 3rd/4th

    * April 16th Math (Elementary 5th

    * April 17th Math (Elementary 3rd/4th

    * April 18th Science (Elementary 5th

    * April 19th Social Studies (Elementary 5th


GA Milestones Student Score Report

  • GA Milestones Student Score Report Parent BrochureHow can I use the Individual Student Report to help my child?Your student’s score report provides information that describes how prepared he or she is to move on to the next grade level. In areas where your student did not demonstrate proficiency, you can ask your student’s teacher to suggest ways that you can support your student. You also can ask what can be done at home to build on your student’s strengths in those areas where he or she demonstrated grade‐level proficiency or better.


    **Click title to view a parent brochure for understanding score reports.


GA Milestones Helpful Documents for Students/Parents


Georgia Student Growth Model Report (GSGM)

* Georgia Student Growth Model (GSGM) is designed to provide students, parents, educators, and the public with important inform​​ation on not just whether a child met the grade level standards but also how much the student grew academically throughout the school year.

* Student growth in addition to performance levels (Distinguished, Proficient, Developing, or Beginning Learner) tells a more complete story about the academic performance of students. 

* The Georgia Department of Education's Parent Engagement committee has created a wonderful video providing an overview of the GSGM (Georgia Student Growth Report) for parents. You can view that video here.  Also, you can learn more about the GSGM Report at this site.


Experience Online Testing Georgia

Experience Online Testing - The primary purpose is to let students experience, firsthand, the functionality of the online testing platform. This practice site lets students see what testing online is like. Parents and educators are welcome to try it too.



Georgia Milestones Achievement Level Descriptors

GMAS Content Level Descriptors - With the implementation of the Georgia Milestones Assessment System, Georgia educators have developed four achievement levels to describe student mastery and command of the knowledge and skills outlined in Georgia’s content standards.