Spin Masters

Last Updated: 6/27/2018 3:55 PM

The diabolo is a juggling prop consisting of a spool which is whirled and tossed on a string tied to two sticks held one in each hand. A huge variety of tricks are possible using the sticks, string, and various body parts. Multiple diabolos can be spun on a single string.

Diabolos come in different shapes and materials. Diabolos with more weight tend to retain their momentum for longer, whereas small, light diabolos can be thrown higher and are easier to accelerate to high speeds. Rubber diabolos are less prone to breakage. One-sided diabolos are also available but are more difficult to use.

Students in the GES Spin Masters group practice using diabolos on a weekly basis. They perform at various events at Gray Elementary School and in the community.


Phyllis Blount: pblount@jones.k12.ga.us


Useful Links

Diabolo Tricks- Basic tricks shown with an animated Flash Player.
Yoyosam- If you order from Yoyosam.com, type in GESSPIN in the promo code. This will give you a 10% discount and will give the GES Spin Masters 10% of your purchase cost to spend on Spin Master items. We have bought a DVD of tricks and string (lots of it!!) to use this year already.
Club Information
The Gray Elementary SPINMASTERS meet weekly to practice their Chinese Diabolo skills.
SpinMaster Club Informational Powerpoint